Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Finally some dolly news!

My Supia Hael is on her way! I'm excited, yet I'm afraid I have nothing for her! That includes time. When she comes she will just have to wait a little before she has a face. Not to mention a head of hair. Lol. Would anyone happen to have this wig and would like to trade me for like a simple face-up add (tattoo, freckles etc.)? Haha. I'm so sad it's sold out. I'm not even sure if it will fit her either. I'm really looking for a lovely, below chin length, mohair scarlet/carrot wig that doesn't cover up the forehead.

Right now I'm sitting here wasting time writing this when I should actually be reading some homework before class. I'm such a lame student. I need to eat something too, I forget about eating sometimes. Not good, haha. I also need to not forget about Ohayou Dollfie. I want to add more things and will do so soon.


  1. Every night I say to myself "Self, tomorrow you need to work on your thesis." And then I don't. We should start a lame student club!

  2. Hahah exactly! I'm sitting here knowing I should be reading, but I'm not. Internet is the bane of a procrastinator's existence! We should start a lame student club. It would give us even more excuses to not do homework. Lol!