Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Well Ook!

As some of you may have seen, my site was attacked the other day where the front page was changed. Not to worry though as I did fix what I'm sure is all of it, and will get try and get help to prevent it from happening again. This is unfortunate but it happens, and I hope none of you were affected by it! Everything should be fine though.

Lastly, I know I'm the worst artist ever right now. I suck, I'm awful, I'm a nuisance. I am. Hahah. I hate myself too don't worry. Lol. No but in all seriousness, I do apologize for the change from constant progress with commissions to practically none. I encourage sending harassing emails telling me to fricken get it together and that you want your damn face-up and your doll back home! Lol.

Good news, I'm heading to pick up Prise today at the post office. As well as a commissions package who I think my belong to Reshana on DoA. Yay!
Oh and I went to Ellis Island, with my back out. That's happy news, sort of. I've never been there before, and it was quite cool. Photographyyy.

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  1. Well I hope that there has been some progress with face-ups! I would like my girls head home before the end of October! :D

    `Sending Hugs Your Way! <3