Tuesday, November 16, 2010

16K TNL!

Right now I'm playing FFXI with Mick and Nery in between doing commissions. It really brings me back to old times. I love this game. I don't care what anyone says! ^_~

I am working on A LOT of commissions trying to get everything together and finished so I can have more slots for December's opening. Speaking of December, I think that's when I'm going to get Momochuu. ( ; o ; )
I was thinking I would definitely get her in time for my birthday, but my order was forgotten by Denver Doll Emporium. So instead of being placed at Fairyland on September 5th, it was the 18th. Sad news. However, there is some good news! Well double good news! First, I will have time to order Momochuu's eyes. Second, I'm getting a Mihael! He's going to be Amalgam! (* o *) I have a Luts El I will be facing up and then selling! Well at least I hope I can sell him once I'm done. I just don't have a body for him, nor see myself getting one anytime soon. So that's that!

Entries random news; I finally tried cold soba when I went to NYC with my Japanese class. It was ok. I had a tuna roll, and it was delicious.....what? Delicious? Me? Sushi? Delicious? Seriously it was though.

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