Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh my November pie!

I can't believe it's the 11th already. Not fair! I've been already pretending I am 25 for the past 6 months like a dummy. I'm still 24 damn you!

Japanese class was hard today. Te-form, basically just verbs in general, hurt my brain. This Saturday we're going on a class trip to eat at a Japanese resutoran and do karaoke. Yeah I have the coolest sensei ever! There's a doll meet in NYC on the same day, and I'm going to be blocks away from it, but can't attend. (. _ . ) Here's to December.

Speaking of BJDs I reached my quota for this secret project I'm a part of. It's right before the deadline too. I'm so happy!

Even more randomness, I'm playing FFXI like a mad woman! Yeah I did just buy FFXIV and I don't play it. I'm sorry but nothing can beat FFXI! Aion almost did, but nope. FFXI is my twue love!

I have to stop going days without blogging, because my entries end up being about 800 different things.
Heading to Mick's house. 801.

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