Friday, December 21, 2012

Things I'm excited for.

Tomorrow is my last school day technically. All day tomorrow I have to work on a take home final and then I'm free. I'M FREE!

I am so excited to; get commissions started and completed, give my best friend her present, to celebrate my other friend's return from Korea, to celebrate the holidays, play video games, and calm my mind before the hectic Spring semester. Commissions are being worked on all day SATURDAY! Woo!

Wednesday was my last day for Life Drawing I class, and all semester long I could not wait for that day to come. The class was great, but it really drained me. Now that we're done I miss it. What the heck if wrong with me? The professor said we were to still have a model session on our last day after we did final project critique. It was the kind of news that made you force out a heavy sigh and roll your eyes. However, yet again I was fooled and changed my mind while we were working. I've come to realize that my lack of wanting to draw stems from a huge anxiety of being disappointed/disappointing. This goes along with doll commissions too. It really needs to stop. That's what I'd like for Christmas.

This is the result of that last model session. I can really see how much I learned and how my professor helped me understand drawing. So, here's to stop being afraid and to keep trying.

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