Friday, December 7, 2012

A calming break among the havoc.

I am currently in the art building waiting to get something printed (this guy is never here when I need him!), and I thought I'd spend the time writing a very important post. I just finished my horror makeup presentation and can breath a tiny sigh of relief that that is over, but not for too long since finals are next. Anyway, I wanted to address that I am very thankful that all of my clients have been so utterly understanding about the lack of movement with commissions. I am beyond disappointed with my progress. Everything just got out of my control really fast and unexpectedly. To make up for it I will be discounting all my clients for the wait time. I will talk to you each individually about it soon, I will consult the forms with your contact information and send out the emails about the discount information.

Now, I am hoping that this weekend I can work more on commissions along side my drawing class final and sketchbook assignments. Once school is over with I will work on commissions like a crazy person. I will update everyone when the time comes.

Thank you again for everyone's understanding.

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