Sunday, October 14, 2012

Important! Wonderful! Incredible!

So firstly, because I cannot contain myself, I have exciting news. It's exciting mostly because it means my health is better protected with this new discovery. A new method of sealing BJD's was brought to my attention by the wonderful fellow faceup artist Andreja who's current circumstances led her to look into a much less hazardous method of doing faceups. She has done an absolute great thing by not only doing the research, but sharing it with others. I will be looking into her research as a reference as well as doing my own, and seeing what works for me. I suggest other artist do as well, as your personal health is the most important thing! So, I will be testing out using Liquitex mediums and varnishes for sealing faceups. I will be doing tests on my own dolls, and will then send out emails to all of my current commissions to update them on this new information if I am able to continue with said materials. Most importantly I should address that price will not go up for anyone who has already commissions me if I go through with these material changes. Commissions however will take longer.

I hope this all works out because I know it's not the best thing to be in a bathroom that gets coated in MSC and the fumes stick around for a while. I am so excited to try this out. It will be so much cleaner. I will be looking into getting a spray booth now since I will be using ALL water based materials. I was saddened when I was trying to buy one last year, but found out that it is not safe to use combustible materials with these spray booths as the motors aren't explosion-proof. So much great news!

As for school, I am working pretty hard, but it definitely could have been worse. I am glad to say that I have applied to switch to Illustration and will be going for my BFA. More art classes and I'm done with general classes! And to make sure this post isn't too boring here is what has me pretty busy, copying  the greats in a sketch book (5 to 11 pieces) every week. It's really draining...

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