Monday, October 15, 2012

Some Things I Should Address.

Recently I have had some things brought to my attention that I feel I should have stressed prior to new occurrences. I will be adding more information and clarifying guidelines to my commission rules that I now know were not understood before. They will appear on the Commissions page and will be marked for when they were modified. This is very important and I recommend anyone commissioning me or commissioning me in the future please read them. I also highly advise that one subscribe to the newsletter! I will send post through every social connection method I have in attempts to reach you all, however this does not mean it will reach everyone. I hope that some will seek out this information if they are wanting to understand how my commissions work. Thank you!


  1. Those are some handsome boy faces. *wink*

    1. ;D The post needed something spectacular to even out the seriousness.