Friday, September 28, 2012

How long have I been gone?

I wish I could blame my absence on traveling with a mad man in a box, but to my remorse I cannot. My transition back into academia was a bumpy one, including a lot of "never-gone-to-class-end-of-semester" nightmares. It's calming down not yet, I may still have a bit of trouble fitting doll work in with assignments.

So, most of my commission work will be done from Fridays to Mondays. Wednesdays, forget about it. That's my Life Drawing I studio class. Drawing for 4-5 hours really takes a lot out of you!! I had no idea. Every class I'm left with lethargy, cramping eyes, aching head, and a dead arm. But hey, I'm learning so many things I did not know. Finally, a challenge.
Right now I just assessed everyone's shipping boxes with their dolls, and have all the forms together and organized. I am still working on svgjen's Saints and hope to get them finally finished with perhaps others.

Before I sign out and head to work, I wanted to share a project I completed recently. I bought a pair of navy blue slip-on vans with the intention to have them be TARDIS themed. With a lot of thought and waiting I finally came up with this "scene" of the TARDIS flying through space (and time technically). I was worried I was completely ruining my shoes, but in the end it all came together. I absolutely love them!

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  1. Those shoes are super cool! I love them. I loved seeing your drawings too. I would love to start drawing again though I'm not all that talented at it. I grew up with a best friend who was an incredible artist but we always took art classes together and would hang out and draw. Eventually, after high school, I just stopped doing much in the way of drawing. Once in a blue moon I bust stuff out and draw something. Anyway this ramble was just to say that I loved seeing your drawings and I hope you share more!

    Also I can't wait to see my Saint heads. :) I am very excited.