Sunday, December 11, 2011

Calm and simple Sunday.

Today was one of those better days, one that leaves you in a good mood. I was able to go horseback riding today thanks to my friend Dayna (is the best friend ever). I haven't been riding in 10 years, pretty much exactly, since the last time was for my 16th birthday. Over this past November (yeah that happened already?) I turned 26. I'm not going to talk about how time flies, but in a way I just did.

Anyway the ride was great. My horse was testing me out, and I was grateful because it enabled me to interact with him, let me get a feel for what to do, and how much or little pressure to do it at. He was a sweet horse, especially for letting my giant butt hop on him. I'm 5'8" and overweight, so it's funny when I go trail riding and they always have to break out their "big horse". Jack, the horse I rode, was huge! He looked like a draft, but I don't believe he was fully. He was white, fluffy for the winter, and so handsome.

Look at how small he makes the saddle look! We went on a short trail for an hour, and all the while I was practicing my riding posture. I was excited about that for some reason. While we were riding I realized that it made me so content that I didn't care what anyone else was doing, or what worries I had. I didn't care because I was happy right where I was, riding Jack the horse and being outdoors. I think it's safe to say that I really do love the outdoors and horses. Yep.

I think the fact that I almost finished 5 doll heads yesterday might have added to my good mood today. I will have 3 dolls finished and up on Flickr as soon as they dry. Relief.

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  1. I haven't been horse back riding since I was in high school. That was awhile ago. ;) I think I'd really like to go again but at the same time I have pain issues that would probably only be exacerbated by bouncing around on a horse for an hour. I was probably 17 or so the last time I went.