Monday, December 5, 2011

Horses, Neverland, and Bowie.

This weekend was rather interesting even though I just did normal everyday things. See, life does seem better when you focus on the positive. Haha, ok guru mode over.

One thing I am proud to say is that commissions are finally moving along and getting done. I could not be happier. I recently finished Pyrope's girls, and I am not working on Karleecakes and Gloria's commission. Pyrope had me do a very unique theme for her Minifee Ryeon that I was delighted to be asked to do. I mean how can you deny anything Bowie? I'm glad Pyrope was happy with the results.

This past Sunday I introduced my friend to volunteering at the horse retirement. I recently learned that she likes horses as well, and would like to volunteer too! I couldn't be more excited because now I have someone to go with, and she has a car so we can go without having to worry about getting my parents truck. We are going to go riding next weekend. I haven't been on a horse since I was about 16, so I can't wait.

Did anyone else catch Neverland on Syfy last night? Wasn't it pretty good? It's a two part prequel series about how Neverland and the whole relationship amongst the character developed into the story we all know. I was surprised when Bob Hoskins appeared as Smee! It was perfect! (Hook 1991 revisited). To top it off I had a crush on Charles Dance when I was a little girl and Last Action Hero came out, and Rhys Ifans is quite handsome as well. ♥ So it made it even better. The story is good too. ^_~

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