Saturday, July 16, 2011

Love for Jersey.

I went to the stables today after 5-6 weeks of not being able to go. Changes/adoptions have happened and I don't know who's who anymore. Jumbo, my favorite, was adopted. I'm more happy for him than sad. I just hope his new family is nice to him. Today I was all by myself, which has never happened before. I was in charge! Pretty cool, yet pretty tough. The sun was blazing on top of that. I had to turn my Mom's denim jacket into a makeshift hat. Haha. I love Jersey because you can be in the most urban area, and then the most rural area in a matter of 40 minutes.

I will be opening new spots very soon, 12am EST to be exact! If you'd like a spot please visit the shop. I put up a timer so that everyone can quickly know when the next opening will be! ♥
Good Luck to everyone who's hoping to get a spot. I believe there will be enough!

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