Friday, July 15, 2011

Forever in my heart ϟ

About 30 minutes ago, I came back from the midnight (more so 1am) showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, the final movie. I was so excited to see this movie that nothing could bring my hopes down. To make matters better, we were able to see it in 2-D in a theatre that had perfect seats with our name on it (thank you unorganized movie theatre!). It was a comfortable experience which was a very, very lucky thing.

The movie was great. However, it did have it's bad parts, but they were outweighed by the good. Not severely... just enough to have the movie be really enjoyable. The one and only thing that did make the movie outweigh the book was the fact that it was purely visual. It showed what happened better then my brain could. Heh.
I also forgot to mention that I pretty much cried like a little wimp. There's nothing worse then trying to hold in audible crying in a packed movie theatre. It hurts! I think why it made me so sad was separated into two reasons. First, I was sad for the characters, because I grew up to love them. They go through so much in the end, and you learn deeper things about them. Not to mention a lot of them dying! Secondly, I also felt sad for the actors themselves, and how sad they must of been when it was all over. What a baby right? Haha.

I'm so lucky to have been born at the perfect time to experience this great story. It had always made me happy in even the worst of times, and even when the worst was happening in the story. It was somewhere I went to and felt content, home, and even love. I love all of the characters and how they treated/interacted with each other. That was what always made me wish it were real. It's what made me name my Molly after the best mom to ever, never, exist. Haha.

The books may be completed, as well as the movies, but I can watch and read them for the rest of my life. Even more wonderful is that maybe I can share them with my future children, and perhaps their children after that. So, for me it's not "over", but forever in my heart. Thank you J.K Rowling!

P.S. That kiss I tell you!! Woo!


  1. AH I'm gonna cry too!!
    I grew up reading Harry Potter too
    and remember hiking it up to the mall
    when every book came out, even staying up
    at midnight for the release party!

    Oh, I want the time turner to reverse time
    a little bit just to experience it all over