Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Using art for a good cause!

As I mentioned in this entry I've been wanting to use my art to help a good cause. I want to do this really big (disease research, charities, etc.) in the future, and perhaps get more artists to work with me, but for now I want to test it out on a smaller level. Ok so what am I talking about?

Well I had the idea for a while to hold a lottery where you would donate to purchase the ticket, and ALL the proceeds would go to an organization. The amount to donate would be completely up to you, and the winner would win a face-up by me!

This Summer I want to help out the Standardbred Retirement Foundation I work at as a volunteer. They are a wonderful organization and care greatly for their horses. I get to clean and fill their water basins every Saturday or Sunday. ^_^ If you live in New Jersey, maybe you can check it out to adopt a horse too. ^_~

For now I will research what is the best way to run this lottery and I hope to run it before August. If anyone would like to give their input or ideas, please feel free!


  1. I thinks it's really nice idea! I'm always up to donate anyway I can. ^^ It would also probably really drive people to give it a shot if they can choose a price! I think people in the doll community love lotteries! lol

  2. Thank you very much! Yeah, lotteries are fun to run or participate in. I was going to do one a while back when I finished a custom Blythe doll, but she is still not finished! Maybe someday. ^_~