Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back from the shore.

It was immensely awesome and beautiful at the beach on Monday. It couldn't have been better. The waves were pretty big, the water was clean, and it was not too cold. I haven't seen waves like that in a while. My friend and I spent about 4 hours in the water. I was smart enough to have a rash guard this time. My muscles and face were the only things hurting the next day. My friend was not so lucky. When we felt it was time to go, we both agreed that the only way we will leave is if we body surf all the way back together. About 20 minutes later came a pretty big wave and we both zoomed back to shore on it. It was brutal, haha. It made us want to keep going, but we knew we had to go. We couldn't stop saying, "That was a good wave." Body-surfing is the best.
As I said before, my muscles were hurting. I was tossed all over the place, and I push myself to swim fast after being in "winter-mode" for such a long time. It was so exhilarating though. It made me want to train for free diving, or just regular diving, even more. All the muscles I need work on were moved that day. Must go to the beach more!

Oh and has anyone else seen this? Are you as excited as I am!?!?

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