Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting impatient!

I'm really, really wanting a Supia Hael. I can't stand it. Not only that, but I really want more doll clothes, shoes, eyes, etc. This has me contemplating doing trades. My poor dolls that I do have, have nothing! Amalgam is the worst because his outfit is so unique it doesn't even exist yet! To make matters worse, Prise (who is a Supia Hael), is in the same "universe" as Amalgam. So her outfit is also something I have to create. I'm just like "woe is me" with my dolly collection. Anyone else feel the same? ^_^

This is exactly what I want Prise to look like!
[Edit: She is officially on layaway! I couldn't help myself!!]

Right now I'm about to go swimming, and have some lunch. Then I have to head back to the house I'm watching. It's tough watching the house because I have a lot of work I can only do at home. Not to mention, the reason I'm housesitting is because I'm really dog/catsitting. So it's like I have 4 dogs now. Lots of work. ^_~

I'm trying to get commission finished in between the other "job". Locksley's Unoa is almost finished. I just need time to paint her! It's frustrating, I'm itching to complete her! I wish I could fold my arms, blink my eyes and !poof! I have a studio!

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