Thursday, June 2, 2011

I want more dolls!

No, I need more dolls! Haha. Now that Amalgam is back together I really want to get Prise, who is his counterpart in a way. Then I think about Bikou and Hitomi not have a body, as well as all my other characters that are not even in existence yet. It's a real bummer. I'm contemplating taking trades, but I'm really just contemplating it. Lol.

I am going to revamp the store. I'm going to make it separate from my blog and get up and running.  A newsletter about the transition will be sent out.

Right now I will work on commissions, take Momochuu out for a photoshoot, and work on the site.
Hope everyone's doing well in the heat so far!

Oh I forgot to mention, I have jury duty on the 14th...... \( T O T )/


  1. Sucks to have Jury duty. And I know that feeling about dolls. It's kinda bad, now that I have Ash I want to get his best friends Jeremy and Bidou and then his girlfriend Minyoung! Aaaah! They multiply badly haha. And I need to get my final MSD boy to finish off Romeo Effect >_____<

  2. Yep exactly! I was so close to putting a down payment on a Supia Hael. I stopped myself because that would of been insanity! It's just that domino effect you know!?