Friday, June 3, 2011


Today is an exciting day. I get to pick up my bike from the shop! It was so easy/cheap to get fixed that I have the biggest urge to customize it. This would include getting a new seat, painting, and getting lovely new tires. I was going to buy a new bike, but I realized this bike I have isn't bad at all. It just needs some sprucing up. This is what my dream bike is that I posted a while back.

This baby was around $500! I don't think a bike is worth shelling out that much, especially considering where I live. The chances of you losing the bike are too high for it to be a smart buy. I'd rather customize my bike I have. I can't wait to get it back today and finally take it everywhere!

On top of that, my purchase from Forever 21 shipped! I desperately needed some nice clothes for the summer.


And finally, the Michaels near my house had a sneak peak opening yesterday. My friend works there now, so he was able to give me a 20% off coupon. Awesome! I bought some new brushes that work wonderfully, some yarn, a dry erase board, and Golden retarder which I really want to try out.

Oh and what I predicted happened. The past 2 days have been windy and cool. HA! Take that air-conditioner! I don't need you!

Working on the new SHOP site, on commissions, and thinking hard about camping.

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