Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My skin is melting off..I think..

I'm not in the pool right now because; one, it's funner to swim with others (no one's around), and two, I was busy with Amalgam! Yep he is complete! Well I still need to get him eyelashes, but those can wait.

Found a better way to wear his wig.
See more photos here or here.

I believe my clients/customers take way better photos than I do. So firstly, I opened up a Flickr group for people to post photos of their dolls I've worked on. Feel free to add your own or to simply join! 

Sher of DoA, for example, took lovely photos of the MNF Rheia I did for her (above). Doesn't she look tons better all together rather then just a severed head!? ^////^ Also, how cool is that crocheted top? She sells them y'know! Please visit her shop if you'd like one!

Alright I think this is all I can take. I'm literally sweating just typing this. Pool time.

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