Sunday, June 12, 2011

I had the strangest dream.

I dreamt that I had a Volks doll, it was a "Shiyo" model. I don't even know if that even exists. He was MSD sized. It was weird, like I was deciding to work on all my dolls at one time. I also wished I could buy the doll I've really been wanting, a Supia Hael. Then I was thinking, why don't I just sell this Shiyo? It's Volks, I know it's like $1500. Then I was like, why the heck do I have this doll? I realized that it wasn't really mine, but someone sent it to me to do a face-up like 4 years ago and never contacted me again. Imagine that? What would you do?

Shows how badly I want Prise, who will be a Supia Hael. I've also been thinking of restarting Amalgam and modding him. His "water-line" area is really rough. I want to smooth it down, and fix his nose and lips. He also needs eyelashes. We'll see what happens. I would need to wait until I'm not so busy.

I have jury duty on Tuesday....


  1. Lol! Yeah it probably would be like 1500 bucks!
    I hope you get your Prise soon though! :) I once
    had a dream that I had a Soom Chalco and I've wanted it ever since! Here's to dolly dreams! ;)

  2. Thank you. Heheh, yep they are literally our "dream" dollies!