Monday, June 13, 2011

Feeling like a kid 24/7.

Welp, I just finished all of H2O: Just Add Water. A sense of sadness has come over me. Haha. Where was this show when I was younger? When I was a kid I was an extreme water-baby, and dreamed of being a mermaid. That was a time when flopping around with a homemade mermaid tail was acceptable. Would you judge me if I tell you I've been wanting to buy a monofin for creating a mermaid tail. Haha!

If you walked in my room right now without knowing me, you'd expect it to belong to a 13yo girl. I swear, I think I'll have the delusion of being a kid forever. That's not a bad thing, right? Last night, I had the urge to look up tamagotchi's and this casio diary I had when I was younger. I found them on ebay and I wanted to buy them badly. I was so thrilled, but so poor. This just made my wanting to be a toy designer grow three fold!

Not to mention, whilst looking at mermaid tail videos I found this channel that a group of little girls created where they film their own mermaid series. How unbelievably adorable is that? If only I had a camera and good friends at that age. Check them out, it's really cute. Secret Life of a Mermaid

Lastly, I completed some more commissions!

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