Saturday, June 11, 2011

Special Summer News.

I have sent out a new Meggilu Shop newsletter, and twitter update, about the new (and hopefully final) change to the shop. I separated the face-up price and removal price again. So now the price of face-ups are $78 instead of $85. Eyelash application (supplied by you) is still included with a face-up.

Also, I'm looking to add more services to my list. Things such as sueding and wiring, airbrushing parts, and manicure/pedicures. I have not added them to my services yet, because I am waiting for someone to come to me and request them so that I can try my hand at them. I have airbrushed before, but it was whole heads rather than say fantasy parts or faces where only small parts are painted. I'm excited to try it, and I have the time because there's no more classes!

Lastly, I finished a commission yesterday.


  1. Ah I really love your face ups and I'm excited
    about the extra services! ^^
    I also love that your face ups aren't airbrushed
    so just fantasy parts are cool! :) Do your best :)

  2. Awww, what an adorable and sweet faceup! I love this headmold and the gorgeous attached eyelashes make it look even cuter. Love the open expression and the freckles, they look very natural! :D

    Phew, I'm glad my Unoa arrived on the 9th as I was beginning to worry. She got there much later than expected, so maybe there was some delay when she reached the States (I mean, she left the continent here on the 19th already, I tracked her online). Good to hear she's safe! :D

  3. @Anno Thank you so much! I love working with pastels for the face ups better too. ;) I've tried doing fantasy parts with pastels, but it was tough. You really need the saturation you can only get with airbrushing. I hope I will!

    @Locksley Thank you! This was my first time doing a Dami. I love her big eyes. Eyelashes are always the icing on the cake for BJD's.
    I was wondering what was going on with all the packages I was getting from overseas. They were all taking quite a while. I'm glad she's here now too. I started work on her today!