Sunday, June 26, 2011

Love for intense color!

I completed a wonderful commission requested by Locksley, for her Unoa Lusis. Locksley asked for intense blushing and color. My favorite! Here are the results!

I ended up playing around with this one. ^_^

It's proof that the Unoa sculpt has to be the best one in the hobby. It's so gorgeous and cute, you can't really go wrong. One day I will have one of my own. I'm reminded that I have my Supia Hael on layaway, so that will do for now. 

I have to head back to the house to check on the animals, so commissions will have to wait until tomorrow. Random statement, I really want the newest Adele cd.


  1. You did a wonderful job! She is cute and full of life!

  2. I've already squeed over the faceup here but I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic job you've done! :D I'm beyond happy and pleased with how it turned out. My girl looks fun and sweet and exactly like I've imagined her. Thank Youuu! :D

  3. Hi ya Meggilu, I just wanted to let you know my Lusis Wink arrived a couple days ago! So sorry for not letting you know right away, it's been a busy few days. ^^

    She looks even more beautiful in real life and the make-up colors are wonderfully vivid and eye-catching, like colorful candy! I'm so very happy with her and have already posted a pic at my Flickr and posted it to your group there. ^^

    Thanks so much again! \o/