Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm getting really frustrated with you Blogger...
WHY is this thing on the top when I specifically remember putting it below my posts, hitting save, and refreshing page?

Also BLOOGER, where is the FTP crap to setup publishing to my new domain dammit!?!

[Edit] Things are kind of back to normal, but boy is my head hurting...

[Edit Again!] After lots of research, it's 5am now...seriously, I am starting to get the hang of things. I'm learning a lot, my head is going to explode! However, I'm really ecstatic about all of this new stuff! I used to be obsessed with web pages when I was younger, but I barely touched anything thing technical. There's a whole new world I'm entering now. I'm working on lots of changes, but will not be touching any of this until I get it right.
There's just something about web design that hooks me. I will sit in front of a computer trying to figure something out for hours until it works correctly/perfectly. It's the only thing that seems to keep my attention and my drive. Strange huh?

One thing I am not ready for is e-commerce. I don't think my store is that big anyway to require something like that. So I'm going to stick with the paypal buttons for now.

Alright, I need sleep.

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