Friday, May 13, 2011

Ah, back in working order.

I was starting to get worried that Blogger was going to be down when the shop was meant to open. I'm happy it's back up! However, now I have a lot to cover in one entry!

First off, I have some cool, recently disappointing news. Last month I got a message from Dollzone asking me to work with them. Yeah, I was quite surprised because why would a popular doll business all the way in China contact me about face-ups? We have been going back and forth, but it's been rather slow. So I was sure not to get my hopes up. I wasn't going to talk about it publicly at all until I got everything situated, but now I feel not so psyched about it.
Let me tell you first what they asked for; They asked me to work with them by either doing face-up design on new dolls, and taking photographs, or creating the entire design of the doll (clothes, wig, eyes, face-up) doing the face-up and taking photos (the other things created by them). Their team would then reproduce my designs. With this information that meant that I would have to charge a lot more than 1 basic face-up. I would be selling my "product" necessarily. I was excited to see that my hobby could become a job!
However, now I'm a bit hesitant as I have learned they have asked other artists as well. I don't feel so special anymore. Lol. But not only that, now I feel that they are just looking for anyone to boost their company's sales/reputation. This is perfectly fine for a company to do! It's just I'm looking to be a company of my own one day, and I no longer feel that selling my ideas and designs is a good idea.
So that's one thing! Haha.

This passed Monday was my last day of the Spring 2011 semester, so to celebrate my friends and I went to karaoke on Tuesday. It was so much fun, karaoke is addicting! I want to go right now! I sang some Florence and the Machine, and even Popular from Wicked! (I was told I sounded like KC when singing it. LOL) Haha, I'm not really a show tunes kind of person, but I am for Wicked/Phantom of the Opera. We also swung by Zaiya and KinoKuniya. I've been really jonesin' to do some origami, so I bought some pretty origami paper! They didn't have the little star strips there, so I will be getting some from Mistuwa soon. ^_~ I've already made too much origami. I sat at this desk yesterday and spent 30+ mins. making this;

I also bought this Mameshiba book, because I love that cutey, and I can practice reading Japanese with it! Hurray! Apart from that I got some more little cute paper booklets for writing little notes, Rilakkuma of course. Then I cried when I could not get anything else because it was a bajillion dollars. They have Blythe/Dolly books there, but they are $30+ and you want to buy them ALL. Speaking of Blythe, when is that custom Blythe I'm working on gonna come out? At this rate, never.....

Is everyone as excited for the re-opening as I am?! I most excited to get on cam and have fun/talk with everyone! I'm using these next few day to get ready and then it's opening time! I will probably be on cam at 5pm EST I hope. I get back from the stables at around 4pm, so I won't have much time to get ready Lol. Woohoo, so exciting!

I need food, eating candy is no good, I need some broccoli or something! Gah, not having a kitchen really puts a damper on your health. It's almost finished though. Alright that's all for now. I got to get to cleaning and face-upin'!

Jya matta!

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