Saturday, May 14, 2011

One more day away!

Shop is opening in 24hours! It's like it's an actual event or holiday coming up. Lol. I wish everyone the best of luck. To those who do not get a spot, do not fret! I will re-stock frequently!

Tomorrow, at 5pm, I will be on LiveStream - HERE!
I hope to give some dolly things away!
I will also be announcing a special something for everyone to participate in for a good cause!

So please be sure to tune in tomorrow!

For everyone who's hoping to purchase commission services, the shop will be updated at 6PM EST and then you can purchase commissions. During this time I will still be live and will update everyone on the shop status.

Thank you everyone!!


  1. Hey! You can find me on DoA as DireWood

  2. Commenting as instructed! \o/