Sunday, May 8, 2011

I have a problem.

aI've been obsessed with Rilakkuma and it's just getting worse. Every time I see those little lazy bears I feel all warm and fuzzy inside! During one of the last meetings of my Japanese II class (last semester) we were set up with pen pals from my Sensei's friend's class in Japan. We sent out our first letters, in class, on boring white printer paper. No good! Now, I love me some stationary, especially かわいい stationary! One day whilst at Mitsuwa I came across the MOST かわいい stationary in all the land, and of course it featured Rilakumma! I was bought before I knew what I was doing. Recently/finally I was able to put it to use. After a long wait, I mailed out my letter to my pen pal yesterday. ゆるしてください!

I'm also studying Japanese more and more. (help me!) I must work hard! I've also started to delve into a tiny bit of Korean. ^_^; I want to know all the languages of the world!!!! *zoom!*

Speaking of studying, my last class is tomorrow! No more pencils, no more books! I have to study though because it's an exam tomorrow. I also get to watch a film about the Civil War for an extra 20 points. Yay!

As some of you saw on my Twitter that I posted about how I could not get Lady Gaga's Judas out of my head. Well, I dreamt that I was going to participate in a recital my art teacher was putting together, and that I would play the softer version of Poker Face on the piano. Ha! I can not play the piano well enough to do that song, and my brain knew it. While I was waiting in my seat for my turn, I was chatting up Eddie Izzard....Then when it came to be my turn I walked up to the piano in the middle of the audience. I messed up a lot, I didn't know how the heck to play that, but I at least sang well. However my mom was not impressed! She said, "It was ok, but you know you cannot play piano that well and your singing was a bit off..." MOM!

Happy Mother's Day!

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