Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Surprisingly not bummed.

So earlier before, my friend who organized the High Tea tomorrow, told me she is now sick. It's a bummer, but an actual blessing in disguise. Now I have a whole day free to do things that really need to get done. I just hope that I do not get sick during these last weeks of 2010. We also rescheduled our high tea for next Wednesday anyway, so HURRAY! I wonder if we should still give gifts?

Alright so, it's commissions, cleaning, laundry, and one gift left to wrap, then I am done and ready for CHRISTMAS! That's right, I have no more school either! I have a good feeling about how I did on my Algebra final. So it's all done. Oh boy oh crap I'm so blown away at how this year is ending already. I will miss you 2010. So, so, soooo much!

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