Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mind is active, body should catch up.

Yesterday I got to test the FFXIV beta. I was really excited that I was able to play. However, I became really tired at the same time. I play for about an hour sadly before I became to overwhelmed and too tired. I hope to be able to test more in the future. I think my brain was getting tired because I couldn't change the look direction of the camera and has to concentrate too much on moving it. Haha.

Tomorrow I am heading to KinoKuniya and I'm taking Nery with me. Going to be fun.

I recently had the urge to continue rerooting and finally getting this Blythe doll together again, but good grief I alway say that every couple of months....We will see won't we. Sad part is I do not know where the gal's screws are!!

Commission of the dayyy~

I love, LOVE doing smoky or heavy face ups!

I hope to get on entering the "How to" sections, but I am too lazy busy! I will, I will. I have been also saving to buy an airbrush and I'm getting really close! Cannot wait!

Dinner is ready, さよăȘら!

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