Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I finally was able to upgrade to a new phone. So I got the Sony Ericsson for free and it really is not half bad. I noticed that the really big over the top phones never have the simple thing I want. For example; a charm holder, custom SMS tones, and cute colors. Simple to please right?! Then why are those little things so hard to find in a phone! I was ready to move to Korea. So who knew that a free upgrade phone would have everthing I wanted. Since it does have a small design it will be a challenge to deco it but I can't wait. It will look so cute (^0^)!

Saturday was the last set game of the hockey season. Devils beat the Hurricanes 3-2. It was awesome! My Dad came and was really into it. He entertained my two friends as well. Clarkson scored the first goal of the game and I was able to actually watch it go in! Sometimes I miss it! This time I didn't and I was like go Clarkson, omg open net, OMG YOU HAVE THE PUUUCK! SCORE! It was wonderful!

Easter, ate food, went home, nothing too special. Jesus didn't show. Again.

Tomorrow I have to work on all the doll heads I have and get them home. Asked my Mom if she can get me a job at her work so good thing I'm full up and almost done with commissions. I neeeed a job! Especially since I made the mistake of buying lots of raw meat at the groccery and it was $37 for 6 days of dog food for 3 dogs. Does that seem cheap? No way! I did something wrong (-_-;)!

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