Friday, April 10, 2009

The new news.

I need to record my daily happening more. I like reading back on them anyway!

I finished two face ups for two lovely people, and one narae I've almost completed for another great individual (^-^). It was quite difficult to do because they were simple. That's something I just don't understand, but it happens. I always get worries they'll look too plain or I won't know how to add that special oomph. I definitely still need lots of practice! I really need a job and want to start focusing on my own doll collection. I hope to finish Jacob and get his Soom super gem body. I want a Lazule as well. I really want to develope my skills and get better on a consistant level. I've decided to dye my LW Brown Jacob a nice tan as well as his body. That will be a great feat and I'm a big scared but excited. Doesn't seem to be something happening anytime soon anyway.
I have big ambitions for my crafting hobbies in general. I hope to get my own site and I can put all my projects in mind to use. Again though, for that to even happen, JOB JOB JOB! Not to mention the completion of my studio room.

Today is the 3rd day I started my dogs on their raw meat diet. They are handling it well so far. We'll see in the coming weeks!

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