Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Doll plans!

I'm always thinking about my future dolls and their characters. They bend and change but some do stick. Rune and Endo Eiichi are those two dolls. The only thing I've changed about Rune is his mold. I think he will be a Lazule instead of an Yder. I'm really excited for these two characters!
Rune is a boy turned demon when his archeologist parents excavated a tomb that was cursed in 1930. He had a disease that he could not stay in the sunlight so in turn this was escalated when he was forcefully turned into his demon form forever. Both his parents as well as all the crew were killed between rampant murderous mummies, scarabs, or invisible forces and disease. He was a boy when this happened but was able to age in his demon form until the age of 23 where he will remain. There are many other characters in this new realm that I always play with too.
Endo Eiichi is a Japanese bad boy, in sorts. Tall and lanky with rebellious style. I was thinking of him as an Elfdoll Hazy for a real long time. I made the mock up on July 30, 2008. He will require some modding that I'm not sure how to do. I want him to have a smirk but how do you do that with hard resin?
Jacob is underway as well. I was thinking hell with it and just dying him tan. I'm going to maybe try sanding and coating with MSC first to dye. I kind of just want to go straight in the pot with him though. His Soom Super Gem body on the other hand....I have no clue what to do! I don't know how it will take dye straight into resin. I'll have to do it all those when I actually get the body to have everything together and ready to dye. Don't want the head being a different color and all! So here are two mock ups I did in the past for Endo and Jacob.

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