Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Taking the time.

I finished all my homework so that I had time to relax on my day off, and here I am at 2am taking the time to write a new post. I thought about me reading this blog in the future and regretting having such a huge gap in posts, so I felt compelled to write asap. My main reason for ever starting blogging was to document my life in a fun way (to be shared with others) and have something to look back on. What will this blog become if not stay the same? I cannot be too sure, but I'll start with what's most important right now. Art!

Things are going pretty well for me so far. I'm getting inspired and encouraged at school (could not ask for a better learning environment), finally applying for BFA this semester, and discovering fundamental things that I should have learned ages ago that are allowing me to feel confident in creating new work. To the left is a little ink illustration I made for class 3 weeks ago (the style/subject is a bit out of it's element here I know) that I had so much fun with. The Ood (Doctor Who) painting below, which is somewhat unfinished, was done last semester. As you can see I have two conflicting sides of interests when it comes to art. Horror and kawaii are two genres that coexist just fine in my universe, apparently. Hahahah! However, for some BJDs and other dolls may also fit in the "horror" so maybe they're not too far off. 

Speaking of BJDs... I miss them, as I do Blythe, but I still do not have the time nor money for either. The feeling comes and goes, but I know for sure I will be starting back up with the hobby sometime in the future. I know this for sure because I absolutely panicked when I thought my DoA account was deleted! It's still there thankfully. What I think I still can do is make tutorials, and I really do want to continue ones that I have started. But I feel like I need questions to work off of. I must think on that further and see what I can come up with.

Next post I hope to make one pertaining to video games. There are a lot out now, and more coming, that I'd like to talk about. (And also cry about how I don't have enough time to even think about Pokemon let alone get my own copy). So until then! 

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