Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Changes with the new season.

Right now I am working on the completion of the final 3 BJD faceup commissions that I have. I should have them finish for viewing by tomorrow night. And then that's it, commissions are closed and done with. I will be going through with changing the way my site is used and what it will feature.

I'm hoping to use this site as an artist blog so that I can continue showing my work just in a different way with more freedom. I will be continuing with dolls. I figured out that commissions were taking up much of my time leaving none for myself to explore the hobby. So I became bored. I also missed working with Blythe. Not only that but my recent switch into the illustration world in school led me off the track a little. All my inspiration and ideas were being focused into drawing.

Well, now I feel I can freely move from project to project, get new inspiration, and delve more into ideas I've had for forever. I want to work with building dioramas and doll homes, I want to draw new characters for my stories, I want to work on my horror themed art, I want to finally finish that Blythe doll I haven't touched since 2007, I want to continue creating and posting tutorials, and I bought a MH doll last year that I've been dying to try and customize... These are the types of things I hope will fill this blog in the months, and even years, to come.

And so, no more BJD commissions does not mean no more Meggilu. I hope everyone who has enjoyed my work over these 7 years would still continue to visit. Thank you all!!

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