Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Face of Doom!

Painting with gouache is insane. I have fallen into a love/hate relationship with gouache. The illustration class I had this semester had a wonderful professor who introduced me to GOUACHE! What a strangely spelled word. It should have gave clue as to how strange it would be for me to use for the first time.
The semester was set up as if we had 3 months to create an illustration for a client. So besides the first loose project we just had the one major project that we had to have finalized at the end of the semester. Sounds like the most wonderful, free and easy class ever right? Well what I learned is that I would be horrible at managing my time for this class! I spent all day yesterday and today finishing my final painting. I was incredibly lucky that I was able to finish well enough, and my professor approved. The "Face of Doom" as I like to call it is my friend Catherine in a clear old lady mask, hence why it looks so strange and glossy. It was my main focus and ended up having the most detail. I was not able to get much detail into anything else because of time, sadly. I hope to really finish it one day. Tomorrow is my last design class, and then there is an art history final on Monday. Party on!


  1. I love the eyes. I also love the title.

    I've always been fascinated with gouache and wanted to try using it because it's a funny word but I suck at painting. I am unable to relax my need to control everything enough to paint anything.

    1. Thanks! I totally get what you mean. I avoid painting because of that same overwhelming feeling, hence why I took so long to finish this project. Haha!

  2. Wow that's so cool! You've always been good with art though so I knew that you would have this one in the bag, lol! I'd like to know more about that painting medium! What does it look like up close? Well anyways do your best and congrats on finishing your finals!(Especially in one piece, gahhh! xD)