Sunday, May 13, 2012

The End Results.

I love it when someone sends me the wonderful photos they took of their dolls that I have worked on. It's fun to see the doll all together and you can really see the personality and character. Being that I love it so much, I thought I might share a few of these lovely photos that NightRaven and svgjen were so kind to share with me. NightRaven's Dia has an incredibly awesome, incredibly brutal motorcycle too. How bad ass does he look?!

The little freckled girl is svgjen's DIM Larina "Harper". I think the mood of the photo is great. She looks deceivingly innocent.
I'm glad you are both happy with them and love the photos! Thank you so much! If anyone else who has commissioned me does like taking photos of their dolls, I have a Flickr group for face-ups that I have done fore others. Feel free to join and share your photos!


  1. They look great! You did such a good job at painting those beautiful sculpts as well as the owners did completing their looks! I've always thought Dia was handsome as a boy and this one is soo awesome! Svgjen's Larina is so pretty too! I'd be so proud to own those lovely dolls :)

  2. Oh I forgot about your group. I'll add photos to it. I really feel honoured to have the dolls that you've painted. You do such an amazing job.

    Love Dia, what a great face. (And I love the motorcycle too!)