Saturday, August 6, 2011

Two more days to wait!

I'm excited that there are only two more days until the commenting event for the giveaway starts! So many of you have subscribed already, and I want to thank you for participating! I'm already thinking about what to giveaway next month!

I tried making some video tutorials, but the quality was horrible. I really wish my Xti had HD video!! Whyyyyyyy! Perhaps I will make them photo based for now! I'm going to be doing videos/pages about eyelashes, face-up sealer and other products, and something I just did recently - apply glitter!

I was asked to do a face-up for a character that loved shimmer and glittery-ness, and I would incorporate that into the face-up some how. My initial reaction was tons of shine powder, but that stuff never stays put for some reason. I will cake it on and it all gets blown away when I spray I guess! So I needed to step it up, and reached for the glitter! I am really happy with how it turned out! Tutorial soon!

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