Monday, August 8, 2011

Spotlight : Vade Mecum (Etsy)

I've caught the Golden Snitch!

 Today I received my awesome Golden Snitch inspired necklace made by VadeMecum1984. Her shop, Vade Mecum (meaning "go with me" in Latin), I found while searching specifically for "snitch" jewelry. It was the first one in a sea of others that caught my eye, and I immediately thought it was perfect!

After following the link to her shop I was blown away with what else she had available! Many of her pieces have a rustic Victorian theme, but with an edge; yet not exclusively steampunk. They are all one of a kind, hand-made pieces featuring skulls, skeleton keys, gears, and plenty of graceful winged pendants. Many of them are aged by her and include brass, gunmetal, and silver metals, as well as beautiful aged copper pieces with wonderful turquoise color. Her work is gorgeous and I highly encourage others to take a look at her jewelry! You can visit her shop or follow her work on Facebook!

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