Monday, August 15, 2011

Roller Coasters

Before I start I'd like to say something;
For the past few weeks I have gotten pushed down into a depression that was not in my control. It has made me doubt my ability as an artist, and is one of the reasons for a halt in commissions (apart from the constant rain). Right now, I'm not inspired, my head feels like it's in a complete fog, and I feel like I'm letting a lot of people down. I sincerely apologize to everyone on my list for the inexcusable wait. I'm very, very sorry. I am trying my hardest to pick myself and return to a confident and happy state. Please forgive me! I am hoping creating this blog post will cheer me (and everyone I "debbie downed") up. Haha. Let's begin!

Things I buy..
About 3 weeks ago I ordered some wonderful low-priced items that are very wonderful indeed!

First off, I found out about this great journal through The Dainty Squid. It's a 5 year journal that gives you a question to answer everyday. I thought it was a cool and extremely easily way to track your life. It's also a nice thing look back on. I decided to just jump into August, instead of wait for January, and I'm pretty much addicted to answering the questions.

I'm constantly wanting to update my photo equipment, especially my lens collection, but it's way too expensive for me at the moment. So boy was I happy when I found these add-on macro lens filters. They are amazing and so cheap! The package comes with four different filters of +1, +2, +4, and +10. So, so much fun! They seem to boost quality a teeny bit as well. I'm using them on my Canon Rebel Xti (400D) with the 

EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 stock lens. They are wonderful little things!

Lastly, I've been really into toy or "build your own" cameras. This beauty, called the Split-Cam by Accoutrements, uses a mixture of double exposure and dodging mechanisms to make photos that are split in two. It's a great way to experiment and have fun. I can't wait try this baby out!

And that is all for now. I must head out to do some important things!


  1. Hi Meggilu. I've been lurking your blog for a while. You are one of four faceup artists I follow. Your work is very beautiful. I know depression isn't something you can control and it certainly makes you view things through a distorted perception. Ppl who are talented tend to be the ones who are hardest on their own work. I hope you have easier days soon.

  2. Reading that genuinely made me feel better. I'm glad my work makes you happy. Thank you so, so much for your support. (; u ; )

  3. I know how it is to be depressed and have every little bit of inspiration squeezed out of you. All you need to do is find something that helps you get out of it or at least make things better. I hope the depression will go away soon, I really love your faceups.

    That O&A journal is such a nice idea and it looks really nice.