Friday, March 4, 2011

Hello sculpting world, I'm Megan.

I'm about to head out (i say that a lot) to go get some sculpting tools and have lunch with friends. I've really wanted to be able to sculpt but have been too afraid of it. It needs quite a lot of supplies and strange things I do not know of...I think? That's how little I know about it, but I admire it so. So I though, why the hell not start. The Milliput for the Gaga MNM came also. I have to start sanding down her weird brow bone.

I'm allowed to go hang out and do nothing much important because Spring break has officially started and I have finished a commission for the day. Behold!

He's a Volks Yugiri, sculpt's pretty cute lookin' eh?


  1. I really love Yugiri...always dream about having one for myself :> As a sister for my suiseiseki :)

  2. btw...she have great eyes, where I can get something like that ?? I guess they are some kind of special order??

  3. Hello,

    This Yugiri is a boy with a feminine look. ;)
    I got these eyes from someone else second hand, but I think they may be from Luts.

  4. Ohhhh a boy *____* Need to find more photos XD Thanks for the clue about the eyes...goin' to look for them :>