Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Well, tomorrow's my birthday and lookie who's here! Gah, isn't she BEAUTIFUL!? I got her on Monday but I finished her today. She doesn't have any clothes, just underwear and shoes. I have to make her a simple dress or something!
 Funny thing, well a lot of funny things, but I bought her expensive eyes from LeekeWorld and I'm not sure if I need them anymore. I bought them expecting 16mms not to fit, and well these brown ones do, perfectly. Hmm. I wonder what I will do. The other funny thing is that she came without her sleeping face plate. Yeah, these things are not really funny... Fairyland forgot it, and it wasn't misplaced at DDE. So I have to wait for it. At least it's not the whole doll or something of that nature. Anyway, I can't get over this picture. She is just too adorable.

I sold the El head to a lovely person. I'm glad he's going to a good home. Now I'm contemplating buying the Mihael head. I just have to wait for my darned LeekeWorld Group Order to go through.

So tomorrow I have an Algebra test for my birthday, lol. I'm excited because I'm a nerd. Liking math is a new thing however. I'm just excited because it's all I have to do, a test, my other class was cancelled. Then Thursday is Thanksgiving! I don't really have anything planned for my birthday because I'm lame. I do still have a lot of Art/Japanese/Enviro.Ethics work to do... -_-

I think I'm gonna go out for a walk in my new weird sneakers. Yes.

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