Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Bipday to me!

I'm 25, a quarter of a century; and great, now I'm contemplating the meaning of life. Lol. Quarter-life crisis.

Not much to do today for my birthday. There's a lot of work to do though. I will update this entry when I get something interesting to talk about. Lol.

Well, I just got back from Whole Foods with Nery, Justin and Joe. I bought some goats milk, clementines, gingers snaps, unsalted pretzels, a mango, and bananas. ^_^ Later, it will probably be Mick's house.
Friday I'm going to a restaurant called Manking with my parents.

Nery got me 1600 xbox points so I can buy COSTUME QUEST!! ( ノ* O *)ノ
I also got Pyschostick's cd. Haha.

I think I did good on my Algebra test.

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