Friday, October 8, 2010

City, city, city.

My weekend is packed, and that's a wonderful thing. Can you say free Comic Con/NYAF weekend passes?!? Yes. So I'm going tomorrow with my friend Mick, and then on Sunday with my friend Jennie. Today I walked all 3 of my dogs (2 separate trips) around the park. I'm going to be so beat! ( - _ -)

Other random things; 1. Bikou's wigs are on the way and I can't wait, gonna face her up! 2. Going to Hershey Park next week, hope it's fun. 3. I lost 7 pounds. 4. I'm not liking FFXIV and going to stick with FFXI.....I know.. 5. Even though there is crappy stuff happening in my life, I'm still grateful that it's something I can separate myself from if needed.

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