Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I just checked my order status for my order from Crobidoll and it's SHIPPED!! Bikou is on her way home!! I'm so excited I do not know what to do with myself! Gah! So much information today, too much to process!!

I have GOT TO get a job, a work study job. I learned today that going to Momoyama U will be tougher than expected and I really need a lot of HELP! Most problematic? Money, of course. The State does not allow you to use their grant in order to pay for abroad studying. Way to put the kibosh on my hopes and dreams NJ! Your supposed to be the cool state! Anyway, yeah so I would only have about $2400 towards a $4500+ tuition. On top of that I would need to pay for 2-way airfare, room & board, and pocket money. The man in charge of the department at my school said I would need roughly $7000. Now that's not too bad considering it's Japan, but it's a sad number. It's still a lot of money...

Way to kill the mood of the Crobidoll excitement right? It's just that now I have to think about getting a job and what if that effects my Financial Aid. Not to mention needing to file for taxes...I want to continue learning Japanese!!! I could alway apply for a grant/scholarship! What to do, what to do. I could always just go to Japan and live as a hobo until they kick me out? That's Plan Z.

BIKOU! I'm kind of considering selling/trading the R-line body directly for a Volks SD13 girl body, and skipping the purchase of the Asleep Eidolon Miriam (save for another time)...but I don't know yet either. Now if I could find an AE Miriam on a Volks SD13 body in the DoA Marketplace, what a stroke of luck that would be!!

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