Saturday, September 11, 2010


I can not believe she arrived today! That was incredibly fast! I was so surprised I decided to wait to open it and go for a walk in the park. Lol, I'm serious.
Now to be completely honest, and this happens to me a lot, I'm confused.
The Jerome is really strange in person without make up on. I think I just have to get a face up on her and she will be Bikou, because right now I'm having trouble seeing it. I wanted this doll for a long time so I'm going to fight for it this time! It didn't help that the wig I bought intended for her was too small and the eyes I have are not cutting it. Not to mention the lack of a female body. I need to get to work and I have!!

Wig Sale
Crobi Boy body Sale
Box Opening

I also have to finish 3 commissions and do some reading/writing for school on Monday. Oh boy!

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