Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kawaii explosion!!

For some reason, loli(ta) fandom has hit me hard. Out of nowhere! I knew about it for a really long time, but for some reason I like actually want a dress and parasol and buckle shoes. I would feel like too much of an idiot walking around outside with this on, but I would be a closet himegyaru. I just bought circle lenses...yeah.

I think it started with me finally finding where to get decoden supplies, and finding many of the correct names for what I was seeing, like hime and decoden. I've been wishing to have my nails done in the himegyaru (etc.) style but I would not be able to play guitar. Having too many hobbies is not always so fun. Speaking of hobbies, I finished another commission. TWINS!

P.S. I mentioned on my other blog that I went to karaoke in the city, after the Japanese book store, and sang a whole bunch of crazy songs. Again, I was just submerged in Japanese/Korean pop culture and I was loving every minute of it.


  1. These twins are gorgeous! I love their freckles--it looks so nice with their eyes.