Sunday, September 6, 2009

Workin' like a dog, a sick dog.

Ok I just braved it and ate some apple jacks with whole milk. I think I shouldn't have. My stomach is a little upset.
Anyway, remember when I made that vegan pledge. Lol. I posted my weight and it was 247. From not having anything to really eat and then becoming sick and not eating anything I weighed myself on Saturday and I was 241. Not good. I have to figure out a way to get myself back into eating and healthily. I heard when your body thinks you are in a famine when you eat it automatically stores the calories for energy, fat. So I think whole milk with cereal was a real bad choice. I'm trying to be vegetarian still but this sickness took a toll on me so I'm going to eat what I can but more sensibly. Ugh I slept like a whole day in my bed and my sacrum didn't like that at all. Back almost went out. It was a nightmare. Got to keep in motion so it really doesn't. Sitting on the floor doesn't help. Ok ok ok.

Got back to commissions. Weather was much easier to deal with. I was getting so frustrated. It would be breezy and yet the MSC would speckle all white. ANNOYING! So I'm painting 5 dolls at once now trying to get them finished. I need to get those eyelashes in so I can get them in their heads!! Ah!! A bit backed up, a bit.

Also I'm searching to get my own website. Really excited about that. We will see though.

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