Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh the worst.

The worst is when your not satisfied with face ups you do. Even when you try your best, or you at least think it is. I realized I'm still discovering as I go along. It gets a bit frustrating. I was thinking just now about picking those few people who I've done face ups for in the past and being like, let me redo your doll for free. I just need to. The lines are all messy! Lol. Hopefully I'll get to a point in the hobby where I'll feel great about every face up I complete. Hopefully.

What sparked this was a Sooah I'm doing now. What her face up required was a "penciled" eyebrow look. I thought easy enough! No, no it's not. Painting a solid thin brow is not easy. It's funny I was like "ok I'm done!!" after re doing it about 3 times already. Then I show the owner and I'm like nope still not good enough let me do it over. This poor girl! Haha. I just really want to do my best, best. Doing face ups will drive you insane. Those darn eye crease lines!!!!! I love the look of them but man do they mess up a smooth sailing project FAST! Who's with me!?


After soon.

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