Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monthly Favorites

[ b l o g s ] 
I came across three special blogs that I thought were extremely interesting and helpful (not to mention absolutely adorable)! First we have Casey! I have been following her blog Elegant Musings for quite some time now when I found her amazing videos on Youtube. If you love vintage style, classic sophistication and beauty, you will absolutely love her blog!

I recently found The Dainty Squid blog accidentally when I came across a striking image on Tumblr. I followed the image source to Kaylah's blog and was overwhelmed with cuteness! Come on, could you turn down Cats in glasses!? This blog has tons to offer the regular craftster/thrifster, and then some! I strongly recommend visiting  and witnessing the extraordinary!

With my rediscovery of embroidery I decided to search around for cute ideas and tutorials. I was pleased when I found Mollie's blog Wild Olive! It is full with embroidery ideas, inspirations, and how-to's. I featured some of the embroidery from her site before. She really inspired me to get back to the hoop and actually try this time. Great, beautiful work and blog!

[ m u s i c ]
I cannot stop listening to Adele. Both of her albums, 19 and 21, have been playing pretty much non-stop since the time I purchased them. Yes, I am actually listening to her right now. If you like smooth music with a punch, and unbelievably beautiful and vulnerable lyrics, then Adele is perfect for you. The power of her songs will lead you to listen to it full blast and dance like a crazy person in your room! Not to mention how much of an inspiration she is! She has certainly inspired me in more ways than one, and helped me to have confidence in myself and what I love to do; however cliche that may sound!
Some of my favorite tunes from her are; Rumor Has It, Turning Tables, I Found a Boy, Don't You Remember, Hometown Glory, Cold Shoulder, and Make You Feel My Love.

There is a great way to listen to music that I discovered by following the band Quiet Company. (Check them out, they are wonderful!) It's called Grooveshark! It looks like iTunes and lets you listen to music for free! It also seems to find songs that you wouldn't think it could! They even had my friends', The Scandals, songs. It's pretty sweet, check it out.

[ d o l l s ]
My favorite part about doing face-up commissions is seeing the dolls finally home and loved! I did a commission for Locksley's (aka: houseofduke) Unoa Lusis. When she got this little one home she down right took the most beautiful photo of a doll I think I've ever seen! The tone of it alone is just, candy, just candy! It makes me love what I do a million times. The more I do, the better I get, and the more people better connect with their dolls. Which, in result, grants me the joy of seeing magnificent photos like this! ♥

Here are some of my favorite dolly items and dolls I have come across lately!

Custom eyes via Capture in Glass.
New muscular body via LeekeWorld!
Limited wig via LeekeWorld.
Ringdoll Tan Sol
Macbook via Crobidoll.
Mohair wig via Crobidoll.

I hope you enjoyed my favorites for this month! Be ready for August favorites next month! Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to give me your feedback!

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