Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's all down hilly willy from here.

Just be prepared, this is a long story about nothing important. Rather, it's an incoherent rant about insanity over cuteness.

So this past Saturday I mentioned I went to a doll meet in NYC. I got to meet many YoSD sized dollies. Did I expect that I would start to want one so badly? No, not at all. I wasn't ever into anything smaller than a MSD, well, until Pukipukis came along. Even then, however, I wasn't too gung-ho about them. I don't know what it was! Something just sparked. So I was seeking a Volks YoSD, just for fun, and was kind of not feeling too many of them. Then, I was like "Duh! Megan, Fairyland. Duh." I sped over to the site to only again remember that Denverdoll.com is a supplier (layaway!). Oh boy. Yeah, I just was eying YoSD sized dolls with not much motive or story in mind. That changed when I was looking at a LF Piki. All of a sudden it hit me...TARU TARU! I was overtaken by the idea, and almost struck with diabetes! The idea was just so sugary-cute to me. My mind is pretty set on an Elf Ante, because gosh they are soooo cute! I was so inspired I even made a mock-up. She will be cosplaying as a mage you better believe it!! There's a lot of will power being used up trying not to place an order. What to name her though?

P.S. Today I finished paying the pre-order for FFXIV Collectors Edition! \( ^ O ^ )/

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